About Us

We Provide Construction & Architecture

Born out of a desire to create a company focused on the details, Empirical Homes LLC was established in 2015.

We aren’t your average company, because Empirical means to be based on, concerned with or verifiable through observation or experience, not theory or pure logic.  So you can rest easy when it comes to the process, whether conception to design, or construction to completion, our experienced team is poised to handle any situation.

As a teenager I learned how to fabricate laminate and solid surface countertops, eventually working for a kitchen and bath gallery who provided cabinets and countertops for remodels and new construction.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing from the University of Oklahoma, I worked as a financial advisor and Director of Marketing in Southern California.  There I found a love for the Tuscan and Mediterranean home designs.  After returning to Oklahoma I continued my career in the Oil Industry and later the Aerospace and Defense Industry where I spent 8 years managing a $1.5B pipeline, trade show planning and scheduling, a Customer Relationship Management process, and all aspects of branding.

I’ve always been a visionary, so when an opportunity presented itself to start my own business, I capitalized on it.  Every successful person has a mentor, mine just happens to be my father-in-law and someone who has built homes for over 40 years. With my analytical and design background, as well as having access to his experience and being my consultant, I look to provide customers with an experience based on experience.

I invite to explore the EMPIRICAL difference.